Painting Collage/Mixed Media June Course Series – Supply List


REQUIRED MATERIALSPROVIDED BY artlounge (included in tuition, for use at artlounge Arlington)

Try 1-3 of these surface/grounds:

  • Canvas panel, white, size range 8×10 to 16×20
  • Acid free mat board, white, varied sizes
  • Stretched canvas, size range 8×10 to 16×20


  • Acid free white paper, 100-140lb weight, NOT vellum surface, small or large pad
  • Student grade Acrylic paints, many colors
  • Paint brushes – including brush for matte medium adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Pencils
  • Water containers, varied sizes
  • Oil stick crayon


  • Container, tube, or bottle of acrylic matte medium, (as adhesive + sealant)
  • Plastic paint scraper, 2-3 sizes
  • Palette paper, or heavy microwave wax paper

OPTIONAL- not required, only if of interest:

PROVIDED BY artlounge (Included in tuition, for use at artlounge Arlington)

  • acrylic ink and droppers
  • oil pastel crayons
  • fabric samples
  • colored tissue paper
  • spray bottles
  • hair dryer to dry thick paint

OPTIONAL- not required, only if of interest / PROVIDED BY STUDENT

  • higher quality paints
  • larger surface/grounds
  • stencil(s), heavy paper or thin plastic
  • printing stamps for use w/acrylic paint
  • Tracing paper, 1 or more pieces
  • oil stick pastel(s), 2 or more colors, if artist quality is preferred
  • x-acto blade/ art knife
  • brayer and/or art squeegee
  • Decorative house painting tools
  • sewing pattern tracing paper w/markings
  • decorative papers, rice paper , etc.
  • string/twine/yarn
  • modeling paste, art supply
  • sand or grout
  • square charcoal stick(s), Not vine type
  • high quality color copies, greeting cards, ticket stubs, etc. – NOT light weight letter type papers
  • woven materials paper or fabric (weave in)
  • plastic pieces such as credit card weight
  • everyday disposable items, plastic + more (be creative, textured items to incorporate or print from)
  • beads, glass or other
  • kneadable eraser

*small floor tile samples
*If you want to use thicker materials such as floor tile samples you will need heavy body matte medium, and these materials need to go on canvas board or thick mat board surface, not stretched canvas.